Sunday, June 28, 2015

Please Fence Me In!

Time and weather have taken their toll on much of our split rail fence along the Silent Waters dam. Periodically, the Shelton Trails Committee, with volunteer assistance, replaces the rotted and broken rails where they pose the most danger. It doesn't help that some teens (and possibly adults) test the strength of the fence by sitting or standing on the top rail. Our goal is to prevent serious injury from occurring by maintaining a solid fence line.

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Wild foliage growth spreads onto the path. Poison ivy is a big concern this year
Bill and Jim cut a rail to fit a short section of fence
Mary assists in rail placement

Luis hacks away at the weeds with our gas-powered hedge trimmer
Meanwhile, a fisherman enjoys the serenity of Silent Waters (while we work!)
A repaired section of the fence at a favorite observation point
In all, we replaced ten rails this day, which doesn't seem like much, but the work can at times be strenuous and difficult. Some rails go in easy, others require military tactics. There will be future work parties involving rail replacement, and we could use more volunteer help if we are to be more productive. Come out and give us a hand next time! You'll feel good about it!

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  1. Nice Job. I love watching you guys work - I could do it all day.