Friday, August 15, 2014

Bridging the Gap

What's neater than a bridge over a stream or wet area? Part of the challenge of walking the Paugussett Trail is confronting nature's obstacles, but sometimes it's nice to keep your feet dry. The Shelton Trails Committee selected a location on a recently developed extension of the trail and set to work building a bridge.

Click on photos to enlarge it isn't wet, YET!
Weather-resistant lumber and quality hardware insure a safe and sturdy structure

Jim lays out the floorboards for Bill and Richard to fasten with screws

Jim anchors the bridge abutments with rebar rods

The finished product

The bridge builders exit in military formation
Not bad for a morning's work! We're sure that this project will be appreciated if the weather ever gets back to normal, we get the back-ordered rain, and the streams flow again.

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