Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March Marshmallow March (say that three times!)

So what if the snow did make hiking a bit of a challenge! The end result was a fun time around a campfire, toasting marshmallows and sipping hot chocolate. Our annual Marshmallow March brought out the usual nice crowd, returnees as well as some newcomers. All seemed to enjoy the hike, the campfire, and the camaraderie that has made this trail event one of the most popular of our hikes.

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 Nicholdale Farm is the ideal location for an event like this. Wonderful pastoral setting, clearly marked trails, a real nature retreat. Thanks to the Shelton Land Conservation Trust for allowing us to use the scout camp for our outing.

Jim and Richard, members of the Shelton Trails Committee, head to the camp with the all-important goodies
Richard and Jim get the fire started
 Sandie, also a committee member, could not partake in the hike, and was thus made official event photographer. Seen here with husband Richard
The first arrivals. Was the guy in the sled pulling his dad?
Women, men, kids and assorted fur persons. Nice mix!
The marshmallows were flaming!

The fire provided heat for warming up, drying socks and boots, and most important, burning marshmallows
Don't worry! We didn't burn anyone at the stake!
 These are the feet that belong in those boots

"Can I get this all in one bite?"
"Snow...food...arrive on a sled! It doesn't get better than this!"

"Gotta make sure I get it all!"

"I'm saving the stuff on my nose for later"
Hey! That's no kid! That's Terry!
Trails Committee members Terry, Richard, Jim, and Chairman Bill with his almost invisible friend Teddy
Committee member Lynn (in blue) with friends
Bellies full of marshmallows and chocolate, the trek back to civilization begins
Someone has to put out the fire!
...and some get a free ride back!

Nice weather, a snowy backdrop, and a friendly group all added up to an afternoon of fun with the kids. We hope to see everyone again next year, marshmallow sticks at the ready!

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