Sunday, December 8, 2013

Swanson Salvages Scavenged Shovels

The Trails Committee has a some tools for volunteers; some purchased, some donated, and some collected from the Dump (aka The Transfer Station) on Rt. 110.  One of the great innovations at the Dump this year is the Swap Tent.  Residents deposit stuff in the tent that they think is junk, but junk that is too good to just throw away.  Other residents, after unloading their vehicles of their junk can then go in and see what good free stuff was left in the Swap Tent.  Sounds like a George Carlin routine.  Some people leave with more stuff than they came with.

You can also pick up free woodchips at the Dump for mulch.

On a recent Saturday excursion there were several old shovels leaning up in the Swap Tent.  Three looked OK but covered in concrete and two had cracks in the blades.  Luckily, my neighbor Rick does welding in between restoring antique cars, and has been very helpful to us in the past.  I left the two cracked shovels with him and he welded them up.  A little cleaning and elbow grease and all three shovels are back in business for use on trail work parties.

It may seems silly to scavenge old tools from the dump, but $50 or $60 bucks saved adds up over time. Think about it if you have excess tools that you might want to donate; they can get used on trails, or the community gardens.

Thanks to Rick Swanson for helping us out once again.  If anyone has a classic car that they need restored he's a automotive artisan, when he's not welding up the neighbor's shovels.

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  1. The Community Gardens are also always looking for tool donations...pitchforks, wheelbarrows, shovels, heavy rakes, and small hand tools like trowels and cultivaters.