Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Shine On, Shine on Harvest Moon, ...."

In a never ending quest to get hikers lost on the trails we scheduled a Full Moon Hike this past Thursday.  The outstandingly warm Indian Summer weather  made us look like scheduling savants.  It was warm, dry, clear sky, with a huge full moon - The Harvest Moon - the one farmers are out picking their crops late by.

We started 8:00 with 23 people and several pets at the Upper Wesley Drive crossing of the RecPath and walked down to the Land Trust Meadow at Lane Street.  There were a lot of friends and family groups that had fun talking and walking in the dark, and the footing was fine on the RecPath.  We almost looked like we could be trick or treating.

Unfortunately it's tough to take good pictures in the dark, but trust us the woods and fields were clear.  The meadow as particularly beautiful in the moonlight with the mist rising.  We finished the hike by 9:00 with 23 people so it was a success.  No one was eaten by bears or lost in the dark (that we know of), and everyone had a good time.  Some folks even headed off to Bar140 afterwards to celebrate their survival.

Thanks to everyone who came out; see you at our next work party and look for us at Shelton Day.

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