Monday, July 29, 2013

Hornets on the Rec Path

Thank you to the nice person who put up the sign. 
Someone just alerted Parks & Rec to a hornets stinging people using the Rec Path near Lane Street. Thankfully, someone had put up a warning sign. It didn't take long to find the nest, which is in the first tree to the right of the path, about 15 feet up. 

There they are. I believe these are Bald-Faced Hornets, a type of wasp. I am waiting for sunset, then will blast the nest with a poison. Normally I do not use such poisons, especially near a river, but the risk of a wasp sting to human health is very serious. Besides being quite painful, people can have severe allergic reactions and even die from stings. 

[Update 9:30 pm...just hit the nest with wasp spray. Did not stick around to see the results as the wasps were pouring out of the nest in a rather angry state.]

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