Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rotten at Heart

Jim and Rich went out before yesterday's windstorm (bad timing on their part) and took down a couple of sickly-lookin' trees along the RecPath that looked like they might cause trouble for the Grand Opening Celebration.  Here's Jim examining the best way to chop down the tree by sticking his head underneath it.  He is wearing a hard hat so we can identify him at a later date.

The Chainsaw Couple stopped traffic along the Path and dropped the trees.

Lo and Behold there was not much live tree actually holding itself up.  After congratulating themselves that their suspicions were correct, they cleaned up the work zone and moved on.  It's always amazing how strong wood is when it wants to be stubborn.

The RecPath is now (or until yesterday was) clear of hung up trees that might land on Grand Opening Visitors.  This was near the high point in the RecPath overlooking Hope Lake.  It's usually a bad thing if a tree lands in the middle of a ribbon cutting ceremony.

There is still time to help out with trails maintenance.  Another exciting work party is scheduled for this Saturday 9/22 at 8:30.  Meeting at the Intermediate School parking lot on Constitution Boulevard North.  We work on the RecPath around Silent Waters.  Bring forks, weed wackers, loppers, rakes, pruners, gloves, water, and doughnuts.  It should be fun.  Maybe we'll even drop some trees.

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