Monday, March 12, 2012

Clear as mud (but it covers the ground)

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What's going on here?

Who are these people? The mud men of Papua New Guinea?

Recruits for Seal Team 6?

No, they're "Terry's Topsoil Tacklers", one of three teams attempting to improve muddy conditions along a section of the Paugussett Trail that passes through the former Wiacek farm. Bill, Zack, Alex, and Robert, Shelton High volunteers, along with straw boss Lynn, Got down and dirty moving and placing stepping stones along the muckiest part of the route.

A mother's nightmare on laundry day

"If you think you're coming into this house like that, you've got another think coming!"

Terry loads tools on the Gator "Let's get outta here!"

Tired, dirty, but with a feeling of accomplishment

Another crew worked on the access road, using wood mulch in some of the wetter areas

Sandy and Jim helped clear a number of "widow-makers" that hung over a trail in the woods

Bill, being the multi-tasker that he is, tried to fill wheel ruts in the mud while at the same time trimming wayward briers.

Thanks to all who pitched in to work Saturday, including the guys from Shelton High, Sandy, Bill, Mary (not pictured), and the Shelton Trails Committee. (To forestall the bounty hunters, Richard refused to be photographed). Join us for more fun at our next work party!

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  1. What - no pictures of all the blow-downs that were cleared on the Soundview access trail?

    The trail sections that were repaired run from Meadow St & Soundview Ave to Constitution Blvd North. A lot of work got done in one morning - thanks to everybody who chipped in.