Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chilly Briar & Rock Party

We had a productive, if somewhat chilly, work party yesterday. A smaller crew of Jim, Lynn, Luis, Sheri, Emma, Ryan, & Terry cleared briars, moved stone, and reset bridges on a frosty March morning.

The ground was too frozen to cut in waterbars on the Turkey Trot Trail by the RecPath, so we shifted over to the powerlines. Jim was cutting back the nasty, nasty briars before they start growing into the trail this spring. The foot bridge held up great through the flood, but portions of the trail washed out. We placed some rocks in the washed out sections but will have to wait until things warm up a bit to cover it with gravel.

Ryan, Luis & Lynn filled in the washout with rocks. Sheri & Emma reset the other partially washed out bridge by the gas pipeline. We had a lot of people out using the trails with some walkers, runners, and couple of groups of mountain bikers.

It's great to see everybody enjoying the trails on a Saturday morning. Now all we need is a few more people to realize that they can get some exercise maintaining the trails also. And it can be fun too when you bring a few friends.

And here's the "after" shot showing all the briars that Jim & Co. removed. Remember this when you're not getting scratched up along this stretch of the Turkey Trot this summer. Enjoy.

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