Saturday, September 25, 2010

No Sooner Said Than Done

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It was a perfect day for barn painting. Warm with a slight breeze, slightly cloudy, just enough to keep the sun from burning, and hot coffee and donuts from Terrance. We had all the props... paint, brushes, ladders, scrapers, and warm bodies seemingly willing to give up a Saturday morning to enhance an old barn.

Scrapers on one side, painters on another. Let's go!

The front of the barn is already showing a new face-lift as Bill and Jim paint while Shari scrapes.

Terrance works on scraping the high point at the back of the barn.

Lynn picks away at the old paint below.

Jim puts the finishing touches on the front as Shari and Lynn muscle their way through the toughest side of the barn where the scraping was the most difficult.

Now here's a "Three Stooges" episode in the making! Rich on the ladder, Bill below, and Jim approaching carrying a new bucket of paint. Think of the possibilities!

Serious painting shifts to the rear of the barn.

Looking good!

Putting on the last touches. A few hours later and we have a new barn! It was a terrific effort by those involved, and fun to boot! Anyone need experienced house painters? (Go look somewhere else!)


  1. What a great effort - I am proud to part of this effort

  2. Showing up near the end, I was pleasantly surprised by the results. What a great accomplishment.

  3. It looks wonderful! - Anne Kissel