2017 Lollipop Hike #3: Turkey Trot Trail

SUMMARY: This is one of our more popular trails, and is moderately easy with a few hills. The two-mile loop features the Silent Waters Dam.  Note that the Trails Committee will hold their annual "Turkey Trot Trek" on Thanksgiving weekend along this route.

PARKING: There is a small parking lot and sign kiosk at the trailhead located on Constitution Blvd North opposite Daryl Ellis Drive (the high school access road). From the intersection of Shelton Avenue and Constitution Blvd North, head west on Const. Blvd past the Intermediate School and see the kiosk and parking on the left.

BLAZE COLOR: White rectangles on trees mark the main trail. There are a couple short connector trails marked with white triangles. You can ignore those.

HIKE DESCRIPTION:  We are going to do the loop counterclockwise so that the scenic view of Silent Waters is near the end of the hike. From the parking lot, head into the wood following the white blazes on the big wide gravel path (this is also the Rec Path here), ***but watch carefully for a right turn going up the hill of this wide path (if you reach the split rail fence, you missed it). At the trail junction, you will see white blazes going in both directions because this is a loop trail. You will also see blue blazes in both directions because this is also the Paugussett Trail. You are on three trails at once!

Follow the white and blue blazes up the hill. The blue blazes will split off to the right (stay on white) and then you'll come out onto the power lines. Go over a little bridge and cross the power lines (heading leftish) and back into the trees you go. Head up the hill and then keep following those white blazes a good way and you will circle back to the power lines near Shelton Avenue.

Turn left onto the power line access road and then the white blazes turn right into the woods again. You'll pass through a mess of old pine trees the Trails Committee had to cut up after Storm Sandy, with Silent Waters off through the trees to your left, and then come to the Rec Path, Paugussett, and the foot of the Silent Waters Dam. Follow the white blazes onto the dam and overlook. It's another 1/3 mile until you get to the far end of the second dam. Follow the wide gravel Rec Path/Turkey Trot Trail back to your car.

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