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Updated April 16, 2017

Birchbank Trail: OK. Blowdowns cleared near entrance 4/3/17.  Some still may be across upper sections of trials.  Wildflowers starting to bloom.

Bluff Walk at Riverview Park:   Bypass re-route trail installed behind ballfield last winter.  

Boehm Pond Trail: OK 4/8/17.  A new bridge was constructed by Wintrope Woods Road 4/8/17 to make crossing the brook safer, and old trail to Boehm Circle is being restored beyond the pond (not completed yet).

Gristmill Trail: OK 4/16/17. 

Nicholdale Farm (Land Trust property): The perimeter trail is clear and blazed blue in both directions.  The Land Trust posted some nice new photos of Nicholdale on their website - see the links page 11/7/16. 

Shelton Lakes Trails: The Eversource crews appear to be done on the tower repairs between Rt. 108 and Independence Drive 11/7/16.  Not sure if they are still working elsewhere in town.  Closures are most likely between Monday and Friday, 7 am to 5 pm. This will impact all of the trails at Shelton Lakes. 
  • Oak Valley Trail: OK - in good shape as of 11/2/16.
  • Nells Rock Trail:  OK (cleared out July 9, 2016)
  • Turkey Trot: OK - washout north of Rt. 108 along powerlines repaired by Eversource crew 4/13/17.
  • Rec Path: OK - Several sections of fence rails by Silent Waters Dam need replacement 4/16/17.
Nells Loop Trail (Abby Wright Open Space on Nells Rock Road opposite L'Hermitage).  Brush and briars mowed along trails 7/9/16.  The white trail is clear out to powerlines and back.  Some woody growth can still be trimmed, but the trail is clear, particularly the sunny spots along the powerlines.  
Paugussett Trail North (Monroe to Indian Well, CFPA Trail):  Blowdowns cleared from the Tahmore Trail Jct. north to The Boulderfield 4/15/17.  One large red oak remains but you can get under it.  Clearing at the Indian Well overlook by CFPA is scheduled for later in April to open up summer views.  (CFPA Trail Managers Terry and Teresa Gallagher)

Paugussett Trail South (Indian Well to Buddington): Indian Well to Mayflower cleared 6/25/2016. Meadow to Constitution Blvd hayfield mowing pending. Constitution to Independence cut out 6/11/2016. Independence to Buddington should be OK. (CFPA Trail Manager Lynn Reid). 7/9/16: Paugussett Trail clear from Nells Loop back to 4 Corners.

Pearmain Path: Unknown

RecPath; 7/9/16: The brushy sections along the RecPath near Great Ledge south of Oak Valley Road. The City looks like they are done with some maintenance on the dam at Pine Lake.  

Tahmore Trail (Land Trust property, CFPA-maintained Trail): Part of the trail was not reblazed last fall due to a possible trail reroute pending approval from the Land Trust.   The nearby overlook at Indian Well is overgrown and we have asked CFPA for assistance in getting that cleared out. (CFPA Trail Managers Terry & Teresa Gallagher).

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