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Updated June 3, 2018 

Birchbank Trail: Lower half OK but with a number of logs to step over (we intentionally leave some logs across this trail to discourage ATVs).  Blue/white trail mostly clear but with 1 large log still down. Paugussett Trail clear at Birchbank. 

Bluff Walk at Riverview Park:   Trail is clear.  Two smaller blowdowns on lower trail after bridge, but passable - JT 6/2/18.

Boehm Pond Trail: Unknown after storm
Gristmill Trail: OK after flood, some smaller blowdowns and minor washes.  5/6/18 TG

Little Fox Run Access Trail:  Unknown 6/3/18.

Long Hill Loop:  Many smaller blowdowns and fallen sticks - TG 6/3/18.

Nicholdale Farm (Land Trust property): Unknown after storm

Shelton Lakes Trails: 
  • Oak Valley Trail: Unknown after storm
  • Nells Rock Trail:  OK - 2 old and 1 new logs across trail can be stepped over. Two logs are near bridge; third log on the old road between Four Corners and the powerline towards Gator Glide. - TCG 10/30/2017
  • Turkey Trot: OK VG 10/31/2017
  • Rec Path: Clear Pine Lake to Silent Waters. Remainder unknown after storm; washouts off of Lane Street - TCG 11/4/2017)
Sycamore Drive Access: Three blowdowns cleared 5/26/18, trail in good condition.

Paugussett Trail North (Monroe to Indian Well, CFPA Trail):   Birchbank and Indian Well are now clear as of 6/2/18.  Trail is clear to Webb Mtn in Monroe.

Paugussett Trail South (Indian Well to Buddington): Unknown after storm.

Pearmain Path: Unknown after storm

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