Trail Conditions

***Storm Isaias trail status is listed HERE. ***

Known Trail Issues

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Updated 7/4/20

Birchbank Trail: Good condition 4/5/20.

Bluff Walk at Riverview Park:   Trail is clear.  Two smaller blowdowns on lower trail after bridge, but passable - JT 6/2/18.

Boehm Pond Trail: All trails in good condition - TG 4/5/20

Dog Paw Path:  Good - TG 5/29/20

Flower Path: Good - cleared N. of Oak Valley Rd.  Branches need trimming.  TG 5/30/20
Gristmill Trail: Good condition, on tree across trail.  TG 4/4/20

Little Fox Run Access Trail:  Unknown 4/5/20.

Long Hill Loop:  Unknown 4/5/20.

Nicholdale Farm (Land Trust property): Unknown
  • Nichols Trail:  Good condition, blowdown cleared, new blazes, signs, brush cut - TG 7/3/20.
  • Orange Trail:  Overgrown and brushy -  needs a haircut - TG 7/3/20.

Pine Tree Pond Trail: Clear and blazed - BD 5/6/20.

Shelton Lakes Trails: 
  • Oak Valley Trail:Good Condition, blowdown cleared by Pine St - 7/4/20.
  • Nells Rock Trail: 
  • Turkey Trot:
  • Rec Path: Good condition, Bridge construction at Lane St. completed 6/20.  Access to Lane St trailhead is open.   
Sycamore Drive Access: 

Paugussett Trail North (Monroe to Indian Well, CFPA Trail):   Bridge Construction at Indian Hole Brook blocking trail.  New Red/Blue trail to get from Falls back to the Beach parking lot is open and bypasses dangerous road walk.  TG 5/25/20.
Paugussett Trail South (Indian Well to Buddington): Very wet and muddy between Constitution Blvd and Meadow St. - otherwise good - TG & hiker 4/5/20.

Pearmain Path: Good condition - new signs & map boards.  TG 7/3/20

Stockmal Trail: Good - gas pipeline will need trimming soon.  TG 5/31/20

Tahmore Trail: Good Condition

Willis Woods (Land Trust Property):  Good - light brushing needed soon.  TG 5/31/20

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