Friday, July 28, 2017

Rec Path Mileage

By popular demand, here is mileage along the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path starting at Lane Street.

0.0 Lane Street trailhead
0.2 Boardwalk
0.4 JCT unblazed path to Sycamore Drive
0.6 Lane Street Fire Road
0.7 Wesley Drive (lower crossing)
0.9 JCT Basil Brook Bypass
1.0 North (2nd) Bridge
1.2 Wesley Drive (upper crossing)
1.4 Basil Brook crossing (culvert)
1.5 JCT Basil Brook Bypass
1.6 Powerlines, JCT Nells Rock Trail
1.9 South Gate (near Oak Valley Road Extension)
2.1 North Gate; JCT Oak Valley Trail, Flower Path
2.2 Powerlines
2.4 JCT Oak Valley Trail
2.6 JCT Dog Paw Path
2.6 JCT Paugussett Trail (blue)
3.0 JCT Paugussett/Turkey Trot Trails; Silent Waters Overlook
3.1 Canoe Launch
3.3 JCT Paugussett/Turkey Trot Trails
3.4 Turkey Trot trailhead parking at Constitution Blvd North
3.6 JCT paved walk at Intermediate School; ballfields
3.9 Meadow Street
4.0 JCT Senior Center access path
4.2 Pine Lake Dam/trailhead at Shelton Ave

(Note: Distances were digitized from a GIS map and there is some rounding. Our records shown the Rec Path to be 4.1 miles long, not 4.2).

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