Monday, June 12, 2017

"mad dogs and Englishmen"

"mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun" Rudyard Kipling
Well, there were no mad dogs in sight, none of us were Englishmen (though we all spoke fluent English), and we never made it to noon. But it was pretty darn hot!

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The rec path at the Lane Street meadow was being overrun by weeds and the encroaching hayfield 

Using a brush mover towed by our gator made short work of clearing the tallest stuff
We forgot to tell Jim to add gas or the mower won't work
Terry takes advantage of the shade to take a break. It was hot out there!

A weary Jim and Mike call it quits for the day after hours of cutting, hacking, and staring down wayward brush and weeds

There's a little more elbow room now on this part of the trail. 'til next time!

Seems like only a few of us were crazy enough to spend a Saturday morning tackling the accumulated vegetation that resulted from the past rainy days. We could have used more help, of course, and we hope that more volunteers come out for our next work party on June 24. Thanks to Shelton Trail Committee members Terry, Jim, and Richard, and volunteer (many times) Mike.

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  1. This is one of the most scenic natural areas in the region - easily accessed via The RecPath. Trouble is the grass grows into the Path, but maybe we can step up the frequency of the mowing using City resources. There's some things that volunteers are really good at; like trails way back in the woods, and there's other things that paid staff is most effective at, like mowing along a linear park. Thanks to everyone who came out to help.