Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Birchbank Boogie

It was a beautiful Spring day for a hike, with the promise of emerging flora and fauna. Mother Nature was her usual mysterious self once again, though, and the flora part was less than anticipated (It's hard to predict!), but the hike itself was rewarding.

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14 hikers, 3 Shelton Trail Committee members, and 1 pooch gathered at the trailhead kiosk, with Terry warning about bears, alligators, and politicians possibly lurking in the woods

Into the woods

Terry points out some of the wildflowers that are found in this area

The smart hikers would check Terry's observations with guidebooks

We crossed one of two bridges built by Eagle Scouts

One of several hikers we encountered using the new Paugussett stream crossing

After a healthy climb, we reached the recently cleared overlook with a clear view of the Housatonic River. See the preceding blogs that detail the work done in preparing this overlook and the nearby new trails

This was the perfect spot for a break
Shelton High students did a terrific job in clearing and benching a new trail

It was downhill all the way as we made our way back to the start
 Though we didn't get to see Disney-esque fields of flowers, it was an exhilarating and educational experience. Hope to see you on our next hike!

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